Amanda (Jo).

Chicago, but my ❤'s in Kansas.

☛Apathetic atelophobe.
☛Fancier of books.
☛Hermits United.
☛Tendency toward obsessive behavior.
☛Unhealthy attachment to my furbabies. They're preferred to most people.
☛Bit moody.
☛Pretend photographer.
☛Completely long as I'm entranced by a fictional world.

Supernatural saves me every single day. As long as we're ignoring season six.
✗Forever waiting for the Doctor and his blue box. I have my running shoes.
✗Dr. Gregory House is quite possibly myself in man form.
Sherlock and John: the perfect couple.
✗No band will ever compete with Mumford & Sons. I have a strange feeling Marcus has been spying on me. How else could all his beautiful words apply to my life?
Train and Pat Monahan make me endlessly happy.
✗I support everything Matt Nathanson chooses to be.
✗I will always have a twelve-year-old fangirl love for the Backstreet Boys. Deal with it.

I'm not a creeper, but I fancy a few people.
✓This is mostly a David Tennant blog. I'm sorry, but when I see his face, I'm not responsible for my reaction.
Matt Smith
John Barrowman
Benedict Cumberbatch
Tom Hardy
Jensen Ackles
Jared Padalecki
Hugh Laurie
Ewan McGregor

'such a pretty girl' and 'Mysterious Skin' and 'Stuart: A Life Backwards' and 'Sharp Objects' and 'House of Leaves'. Shhh. Just go. Read them.


The poster reads:

“don’t tell {your mom}. it’s our secret.”

“now close your eyes…”

-age 11

Photographed in Chicago, IL on September 27th

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